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I see the world in full-spectrum color. Its vibrant green landscape and bold cobalt skies seem charged with energy and life. I love the yellow-orange sun that rises over my bedroom window and warms me with its golden glow. I am left speechless by fiery oranges and whispering purples that spatter the evening sunsets. I delight in the rose-gold glasses that frame my green eyes. Even the stone gray pavement and sandy concrete walls can be a canvas for reflection.



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ColorThisWorld Communications is a creative purpose-driven communications consultancy dedicated to building a healthier, more just, and more vibrant world. Through a commitment to values-based messaging, visual storytelling, and meaningful engagement, I help purpose-driven people, organizations and initiatives working for positive change be the force for good they want to be in the world.




After sleeping through a hundred million centuries we have finally opened our eyes on a sumptuous planet, sparkling with color, bountiful with life. Within decades we must close our eyes again. Isn’t it a noble, an enlightened way of spending our brief time in the sun, to work at understanding the universe and how we have come to wake up in it?

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As an accredited public relations professional, I stay current with today’s best practices and applications in an ever-evolving communications world.

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I am proud to be part of LightBox Collaborative, a dynamic team of communications consultants helping non-profits, philanthropies, and do-gooders do better. 

I am a communications professional, a storyteller, a poet, a graphic designer, a public relations reveler, a technology wiz-kid, a singer-songwriter and piano keys tickler, a philosopher and theologian, a cultural explorer, and a gal who is deeply passionate about creating social good.

I’ve been serving the non-profit, philanthropic, public health, environmental, educational, and social science sectors for nearly 20 years, helping people and organizations advance their cause and articulate their purpose in a clear, compelling manner that connects with their audiences and brings their story to life. I believe in using my creative energies to lift up stories and ideas that convey substance, arouse meaning, and inspire positive change.

My communications work has spanned everything from developing communications strategies for key organizational initiatives and activating audiences on broad public health and environmental stewardship campaigns to providing hands-on communications support through writing articles and case studies, designing infographics and presentations, developing brand identity systems, creating and managing websites, producing videos, engaging through social media, and more. I’ve earned my accreditation in public relations (APR) and welcome the chance to apply my expertise in building and maintaining relationships with your organization’s important audiences and stakeholders.

and I’m the brains (and the heart) behind this operation.

I'm Catherine Brozena

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