1. Kerey Quaid says:

    You have written, more than you may know, on behalf of a great many people. This country is in a liminal space, unsure whether to cling to old self-images and power structures until the whole lot collapses, or move on to new but unknown ways. The Catholic Church is in the same condition: it has been so much longer, but the split has grown more intense. People who are aware of the realities of life sciences are not all political revolutionaries, but all see with varied levels of inner turmoil the need to change most of our habits, now.
    It is comforting amidst all of this to hear another person’s perceptions, to see beautiful photos of the still-idyllic scenery near you, with old friends like manzanita and redwoods. I too am keenly aware of time passing, and with my 60th birthday coming during what will be the second summer of the plague, it is hard to avoid reflecting on the big flow of things. May it all go well for you! And for the world!

    • Catherine Brozena says:

      Kerey, thank you for your reflections. I’m glad these ideas resonate with you. Your reflections resonate with me too. In fact, the more I think about it, perhaps the whole of human life is lived in a liminal space. We are forever needing to shed things that don’t serve us and are forever on the threshold of new possibilities. It’s part of living. Sending warm thoughts and prayers your way that you find rejuvenation in the liminal space and joy at what lies ahead.

      • Kerey Quaid says:

        Thanks, Catherine! I appreciate your thoughts and prayers, and and thinking of living always on the threshold of something new is quite encouraging! All the best to you, in your cooking, music, outdoor adventures, and all…