1. Kent Alexander says:

    Beautifully written, and a good reminder in the midst of my own turmoil. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Lisa Mische says:

    Hi Cath,
    Sorry to hear that life is piling up on you…and I appreciate this post. I have developed the habit in the past year of walking in the woods every morning (well, most mornings). I used to run in the woods as my daily exercise, and then realized that I needed a more low-impact way of running for a while, so I separated “walk in the woods” and “running” by walking in the woods and then going on the elliptical at the gym. That also had the benefit of allowing my time in the woods to be more receptive and reflective, more about “stocking up on God” than about getting in my daily cardio. Then I added singing to those forest walks because, well…because singing!
    It has turned into the center of my spiritual life and an important anchor during rough times. It’s opened up my voice. Because I go to wildlife preserves and see amazing and beautiful critters almost every day (as well as developing a healthy caution around turkeys, geese, and mockingbirds!), I’ve been opened up to the more-than-human world in an important way. I’ve taken my engagement with eco-theology deeper into my body.
    I hope that the year smooths out for you and gets easier, and maybe we can touch base sometime in the coming weeks or months. I’m about to start a new church gig that I’m excited (and a little nervous, to be honest) about, on the east end of Long Island. Love to you!

    • Catherine Brozena says:

      I love the routine that you described, Lisa. Walking, singing, taking in your surroundings, being in your body. So much of life is left unseen if we can’t slow down and take time to take it all in. Blessings, my friend.